"Extension of the groundwater pumping system" at the Gela Refinery (CL) – RECLAMATION

As part of the project"Optimization of the supernatant and MISO product recovery system in the stagnation zone"at the Gela refinery, work is planned overall involving the pumping of wells and piezometers for the recovery of supernatant product, through the execution of mechanical works for the construction of new wells and piezometers; as well as the connection of the lines divided by type of fluid to the respective wells and / or piezometers; the construction of the civil works necessary for the correct installation of the pipes and other equipment between each well or piezometer; and the final testing of the lines themselves.

In a nutshell, therefore, all the supporting elements forthe aerial laying of process pipes and walkways for cable passage and the execution of the reinforced concrete base for housing a storage tank; in addition, the correct operation of the new lines was obtained through the exact installation and installation of all the equipment and components, thus having a positive response both after the non-destructive checks on the welded joints, and obviously following the testing of the line itself.

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