Icaro Ecology S.p.A. It is a company operating since 1999 in the field of civil and industrial construction and environmental remediation in full respect of the protection of heritage.

Characterized by a rational and efficient management, it makes use of skilled resources and expertise technicians.


Icaro Ecology is a company with great dynamism and willingness to partnership.

These are characteristics that have allowed an increase in not only contracts and partnerships at the national level but also internationally.

  • Environmental Protection
  • Conservation of energy resources
  • Valorisation of the territory
  • Social responsability

COSTRUIAMO il territorio

Icaro Ecology is a company with great dynamism and willingness to partnership.

Innovation and continuous research of new technical and organizational solutions are essential elements of corporate policy.

We want to meet the requirements demanded by our customers through simple and effective services, aiming at continuous growth in terms of human and economic resources.

Construction of civil buildings, realization of works and reclamation and environmental protection, are the core business of Icaro Ecology S.r.l.

The Vision of Icaro Ecology S.r.l is based on three fundamental concepts: Quality, Environment and Safety.

Reduce the impact of our activities on the surrounding environment and the risks associated with the progress of knowledge are key objectives on which our organization is focused.

We believe in the idea that an efficient company that operates with contemporary logic can give this territory the right valorisation.