Realization conduit photovoltaic system and seismic building Dirillo Dam.


The project in question involves a series of interventions aimed at bringing the seismic "Guard House" of Dirillo dam - site Licodia Eubea (CT) and concurrently the construction of the photovoltaic cable duct at the refinery of Gela (CL) .

The building, located in the Municipality of Licodia Eubea (CT), is part of the ancillary works of the dam on Dirillo River and is home to the opera barrage control room as well as the residence of the management staff and the reservoir surveillance.


  • The following are planned work, necessary adjustment seismic building:
  • Reinforcement of masonry by reinforced plaster;
  • Realization of connecting elements in the foundation;
  • Stiffening frame c.a .;
  • Outside the east side scale support;
  • Complementary Interventions.


The project to develop the "conduit photovoltaic system" provides for the electrical interconnection realization of the future photovoltaic plant to be built at the island 10 of the Gela refinery (CL) to the electrical network of the refinery; through the realization of electrical connections in medium and low voltage.