Realization former landfill in Bath 4 for non-hazardous waste resulting from the decommissioning of the plant phosphoric acid -module L1 Site Gela (Cl).


The project in question concerns the construction of the first module of the landfill for non-hazardous waste in L1 of the reservoir basin called "ex Vasca 4", adjacent to the phosphogypsum landfill located to the East of the town of Gela (Cl). The tub is currently divided into 3 basins, named L1, L2 L2 north and south, the project aims to transform the basin L1 and basin L2 north of the Vasca 4 to landfills for non-hazardous waste, which will be derived from the activities decommissioning of phosphoric acid implant (reclamation plant and demolition) , from the surface reprofiling in which it falls and the activity of leachate treatment.