Construction Yards


In its years of activity, Icaro Ecology has followed many construction sites of various kinds, which today represent the tangible testimony of a path, an evolution.

Starting more than twenty-five years ago from building construction work, our company has specialized in sectors that have grown together with it, reaching the creation of photovoltaic systems, high-tech environmental remediation and the start of its own research in the field of sustainability environmental.

The ability to welcome the changes resulting from evolution, to study them and make them one's own is the reason why Icaro Ecology, after years, continues to be one of the most cutting-edge companies in its sectors of intervention.

Archive of main works


  • Environmental remediation interventions, civil and temporary works, geognostics, demolitions and restorations, SI-CA lot. Framework Contract no. 4400010358. Client: Eni S.p.A. Group company.


  • Seismic adaptation of bridge 3 and cleaning works on canal A. Closed contract n. 3500053252. Client: Raffineria di Gela S.p.A.


  • Adaptation work on the ground floor offices of the ECU building to be used for the ENI Research Centre. Contract No. 5740008282. Client: Raffineria di Gela S.p.A.


  • Landfill in former tank 4 for non-hazardous waste deriving from the decommissioning of the phosphoric acid plant - Module L1. Contract no. 3500043496. Client: Syndial S.p.A.


  • Expansion of the groundwater extraction system. Contract no. 5740008024. Client: Raffineria di Gela S.p.A.
  • Construction of the new parish complex of Santa Lucia in Enna. Client: Parish of Santa Lucia, Enna.


  • Reclamation of Tank A Zone 2 – Reclamation of unsaturated soils – Gela (CL). Contract no. 5790001627.
  • Redevelopment works of the ECU training building in Gela (CL). Tender reference no. 30041015. Client: Eni Servizi S.p.A.


  • Restoration of RaGe perimeter walls. Gela (CL). Contract no. 5740006991. Client: Raffineria di Gela S.p.A.


  • Construction of new works serving the PO area TAF plant at the Priolo Gargallo (SR) site. Client: Saipem S.p.A.


  • Construction of photovoltaic power plants in Sicily. Aidone (EN) and Acate (RG). Client: COGIP S.p.A.
  • Subcontracting of works relating to the project “Integration of the capacity currently available in the Municipality of Niscemi ID.22 (formerly ID.61). Client: Aqualia – Gestiòn Integral de Agua S.A.


  • Supply and installation of geotextiles, bentonite mats, HDPE sheets etc., lot A, as part of the permanent safety measures for the phosphogypsum landfill located close to the Gela refinery owned by ISAF S.p.A. in liquidation. Client: Syndial S.p.A.


  • Works for the emergency safety of the Bellolampo landfill in Palermo - Interventions for the construction of the first phase of the temporary covering of tanks I-II-III. Client: Delegated Commissioner for the Waste Emergency in the Province of Palermo.
  • Extension works and extraordinary maintenance of the municipal cemetery of San Pier Niceto (ME) and related service car park - 1st phase. Client: Municipality of San Pier Niceto.
  • Subcontracting of the works for the demolition and removal of the former public housing adjacent to the former "Central Shantytown" and completion of the dismantling of the shacks in the Municipality of Santa Margherita di Belice (AG). Client: Sicilian Region – Department of Civil Protection – Regional Service for the Province of Agrigento.


  • Permanent safety work on the MSW landfill located in the Pilacane district of the Municipality of Niscemi (CL). Client: Delegated Commissioner for the Waste Emergency in the Province of Caltanissetta.
  • Construction work on a velodrome with multipurpose functions in Vittoria (RG). Client: Regional Province of Ragusa.


  • Works of imperious urgency in the Dirillo river, in the section of the S.S. 115 at the downstream confluence of the Ficuzza river. Client: Ragusa Civil Engineering Office.


  • Construction of a new building for analysis laboratories relating to the sectors of food microbiology, biotechnology and animal health and services. Client: Zooprophylactic Institute for Sicily “A. Mirri” – Palermo.
  • Expansion works of the sub-district landfill for MSW located in c.da Rampante-Favara in the Municipality of Castelvetrano (TP). Client: Municipality of Castelvetrano.
  • Works for the construction of a semi-dry gas treatment plant in Gela (CL). Client: Enviroil Italia S.r.l.


  • Civil works for the construction of the arrival station of the methane pipeline from Libya - LGTS project - Gela (CL). Client: Saipem S.p.A. – Eni Group.