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Icaro Ecology operates in the sector Environmental

It carries out soil reclamation and environmental protection works, favoring the use of innovative technologies and cutting-edge machinery.

He creates works of emergency safety measures (M.I.S.E.), permanent safety measures (M.I.S.P.), landfills. Together with the Belgian partner Haemers Technologies, it creates plants thermal desorption in situ using a specific technique, based on thermodynamic principles, which involves a system of gas-fueled burners capable of providing heat to the ground by conduction. Furthermore, a management system for contaminants removed from soils by suction guarantees the restoration of treated sites and the prevention of air pollution due to possible dispersion of pollutants.


  • Clean soil quickly and permanently
  • Reduction in the extraction of quarry materials
  • Elimination of transportation to landfill
  • Environmental and economic sustainability
  • CO reduction
  • Enhancement of the principles of the circular economy
  • Flexible system, easy to transport, install and dismantle.

In this sector, the research.

Icaro Ecology has launched an industrial Doctorate aimed precisely at deepening the efficiency of the environmental remediation process in a green key.

Icaro Ecology operates in the sectors of Industrial and civil construction

Performs works construction, maintenance of industrial plants.
Carry out maintenance work on roads and buildings inc.a.
He also works in the river sector, dealing with the arrangement of natural or artificial waterways. He builds renewable energy plants.


they are our collaborators, technical staff dedicated, with twenty years of experience, specialized, fast, punctual in compliance with regulations and with great problem solving skills.

In this sector, theinnovation.

Icaro Ecology acts with a view to sustainability, identifying opportunities for reusing material for waste reduction and guaranteeing the use of innovative and technologically advanced work equipment.

Icaro Ecology Reclamation and environmental protection plant works

Reclamation and environmental protection

Icaro Ecology Sectors of intervention Instrasfrutture


Icaro Ecology Sectors of intervention River and hydraulic works (river embankments and cleaning)

River works and hydraulic arrangement (riverbanks and cleaning)

Icaro ecology sectors of intervention geothermal systems

Geothermal systems

Icaro Ecology Sectors of intervention Civil constructions
and industrial

Civil constructions
and industrial

icaro Ecology sectors of intervention Works in the sector

Works in the sector

Icaro ecology sectors of intervention Energy production plants /
Renewable energies

Energy production plants /
Renewable energies

Icaro ecology sectors of intervention Mechanical and electro-instrumental works: biogas production plants and leachate treatment

Mechanical and electro works: biogas plants and treatment of leachate


Research represents the constant starting point in Icaro Ecology: sharing with partners, in-depth analysis with sector professionals and accurate analyzes within cutting-edge university laboratories embody the fundamental elements to achieve innovative, technologically advanced and sustainable objectives.

For these reasons, Icaro Ecology has started a three-year industrial doctorate in the sector of environmental engineering with the University of Enna "Kore" for the research of new methodologies that allow the remediation process to be made more efficient through thermal desorption.

Icaro ecology research and development Kore University of Enna