Icaro Ecology S.p.A.


Icaro Ecology S.p.A. is a company that operates since 1999 in the field of civil and industrial construction and environmental remediation in full respect of the protection of heritage.

Characterized by a rational and efficient management, makes use of young qualified resources and decades of experience of sector technicians.


Icaro Ecology is a company with great dynamism and propensity for partnerships.

These characteristics, which have allowed an increase in orders and in collaborations not only nationally but also internationally.

What distinguishes the company is:

  • Environmental Protection
  • Conservation of energy resources
  • Valorisation of the territory
  • Social responsability


Innovation and continuous research of new technical and organizational solutions are essential elements of company policy.

We want meet the requirements of our customers through simple and effective services, aiming at continuous growth in terms of human and economic resources.

Construction to customer specification of civil buildings e construction of works and plants for reclamation and environmental protection are the core business of the company.


The Vision of Icaro Ecology is based on three fundamental concepts: Quality, Environment and Safety.

Reduce the impact of our activities on the surrounding environment and the risks associated with carrying them out are fundamental objectives on which our organization is focused.

We believe in the idea that an efficient company that operates with contemporary logics not devoted exclusively to profit and partisan interest can give this territory the right Enhancement.

Company policy document Icaro Ecology S.p.A.


With Legislative Decree 231/2001, the principle of corporate liability for crimes committed in the interest or for the benefit of the entity itself was introduced into our legal system by persons who perform functions of representation, administration, management, management and control .

Icaro ecology S.p.A., in order to comply with the provisions of the Decree and to guarantee correctness and ethics in the conduct of company activities, has deemed it appropriate to have its ownOrganization and Control Model, in order to ensure that all parties involved in carrying out its activities, both internally and externally, are aware of the content of the provisions and the relative consequences provided for by Legislative Decree 231/01. The implementation of the Model, on the other hand, constitutes an effective tool to prevent the commission of the crimes defined in the decree itself.

To this end, Icaro ecology has set up its own Supervisory Body (SB) with the task of supervising the functioning, effectiveness and observance of the Model by all its recipients.

The "Model 231" also consists of a Code of Ethics which aims to identify and disseminate principles and criteria of conduct that must be observed by directors, employees and all those who work to achieve corporate objectives.

All interested parties are invited to view the General Part of the Model and the Code of Ethics, through the links below.

Ethical code
General part model 231


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