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What are cookies?

Un coo­kie è un pic­colo file di testo com­po­sto da let­tere e numeri inse­riti da un sito web nel com­pu­ter di un utente quando accede un sito. Ven­gono con­ser­vati dal bro­w­ser (per esem­pio Explo­rer o Chrome) sul vostro com­pu­ter, smart­phone o altro dispo­si­tivo e per­met­tono a siti web di con­ser­vare ed uti­liz­zare infor­ma­zioni riguardo alle pre­fe­renze degli utenti in modo da rico­no­scere un utente quando accede al sito ed even­tual­mente rispon­dere di conseguenza.
While navigating on a site, the user can receive on his terminal even cookie sites or other web server (c.d.cookie of "third parties"); this is because the web site you visit may be present elements such as, for example, images, maps, sounds, specific to web pages in other domains that reside on different servers from the one where you find the page required.
Cookies are used to perform computer authentication, session tracking and storing specific information about users accessing the server and normally are present on each user's browser in a very high number.

Definitions and legal references

Personal data (or data)

It constitutes personal data any information concerning a natural person, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by reference to any other information including a personal identification number.

Use of Data

Sono le informazioni raccolte in maniera automatica da questa Applicazione (o dalle applicazioni di parti terze che questa Applicazione utilizza), tra le quali: gli indirizzi IP o i nomi a dominio dei computer utilizzati dall’Utente che si connette con questa Applicazione, gli indirizzi in notazione URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), l’orario della richiesta, il metodo utilizzato nel sottoporre la richiesta al server, la dimensione del file ottenuto in risposta, il codice numerico indicante lo stato della risposta dal server (buon fine, errore, ecc.) il paese di provenienza, le caratteristiche del browser e del sistema operativo utilizzati dal visitatore, le varie connotazioni temporali della visita (ad esempio il tempo di permanenza su ciascuna pagina) e i dettagli relativi all’itinerario seguito all’interno dell’Applicazione, con particolare riferimento alla sequenza delle pagine consultate, ai parametri relativi al sistema operativo e all’ambiente informatico dell’Utente.


The individual who uses this application, which must coincide with the interested party or be approved by that State and whose Personal Data are being processed.


The natural or legal person to whom the Personal Data.

Data Controller (or owner)

The natural person, legal person, public administration or any other body, association or organization that is competent, even jointly with another data, decisions regarding the aims, methods of processing of personal data and the tools used, including therein the profile of safety, in relation to the operation and use of this

Application. The Data Controller, unless otherwise specified, is the owner of this application.

This application (or Web site)

The hardware or software tool by which they are collected Personal Data of Users.


Small portion of data stored within the User device.


The service provided by this Web Site as defined in relative terms (if any) on this site / application.

European Union (or EU)

Unless otherwise noted, the European Union contained in this document is meant extended to all current EU member states and the European Economic Area.

Legal information

The privacy policy was prepared on the basis of many systems of law, including Article. 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.

Unless otherwise stated, this privacy policy covers only this application.


Types of cookies used by the website

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are strictly necessary to move around the site and use all its features. Cookies of this type are necessary for the proper functioning of some areas of the site.

Cookie di WordPress:
  • wordpress_test_cookie: This is a WordPress test cookie that checks whether the browser is enabled for saving cookies or not.
  • euCookie: is a WordPress cookie whose functionality is to memorize the user's consent status for cookies for the current domain.
Google analytics - statistics cookies(google Inc.)

The services contained in this section allow the Data Controller to monitor and analyze traffic data and are used to keep track of User behavior.

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics is used to collect traffic data in a completely anonymous form on this site, for the sole purpose of tracking and examining the use of this website by users, for example to find out who has visited it (language, location , device, browser and operating system), what are the classic traffic data (page views, average time, ranking of the most viewed pages, etc.), and where they come from.

All the information that Google Analytics collects arrives to us anonymously, as the IP address of the users who access this website has been anonymized, this means that when a user arrives here, Google Analytics hides a part of the information on its geographical position, in this way the information we see is a little less precise. So we don't know the user's name, where he lives, what his email address is, what pages he visited, how long he has been on the site and where he came from, but only that a certain number of people in a certain period of time they came to the site, have been there for a total amount of time and have seen certain pages, etc.

The information that Google Analytics collects is on Google Analytics and nowhere else, we do not keep any copy of this data and when we need to view this traffic data, we access Google Analytics.

Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.


  • _utma: the cookie that distinguishes the Visitor, allowing you to check if a user has already visited our website, so that you can count how many new visitors have consulted our site or a particular page.
  • _utmz: the cookie that identifies the Traffic Source. It allows you to collect information about the origin of the visit.
  • _utmc: it is a session cookie that identifies the session.
  • _ga: third-party tracking cookie used for analyzing visits. Stores information about visitors, sessions and campaigns.
  • _gat: third-party tracking cookie used for analyzing visits. Used to limit requests.
  • _gid: is a cookie used to identify the session.

To block Google Analytics, please use the special extension made available by Google -Opt Out.

Place of treatment: USA -Privacy Policy –Opt Out.

Third-party cookies

Facebook share button (Facebook, Inc.)

The Facebook button is an interactive service with the Facebook social network, provided by Facebook, Inc.

Data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Place of treatment: USA -Privacy Policy

instagram sharing button

The buttonInstagramIt is a service interaction with social networksInstagram provided byInstagram

Data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Place of treatment: USA-Privacy Policy

LinkedIn share button

The button LinkedInIt is a service interaction with social networks LinkedInprovided by LinkedIn

Data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Place of treatment: USA-Privacy Policy

sharing button Google+

The button Google+a service interaction with social networks Googleprovided by Google

Data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Place of treatment: USA-Privacy Policy

Widget Google Maps (Google Inc.)

Google Maps is a display mapping service run by Google Inc. that allows this application to integrate those contained within its pages.

Data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Place of treatment: USA -Privacy Policy

Widget Video YouTube (Google Inc.)

YouTube is a service for viewing video content run by Google Inc. that allows this Web site to integrate those contained within its pages.

Data collected: Cookies and Usage data.

Place of treatment: United States -Privacy Policy.

Google Fonts (Google Inc.)

Google Fonts is a font style visualization service managed by Google Inc. that allows this Application to integrate such contents within its pages. On this website, Google Fonts is installed locally, without connecting to an external server.

Data collected: Usage data and various types of data as specified by the privacy policy of the service.

Place of treatment: USA -Privacy Policy

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Mozilla Fire­fox

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Inter­net Explo­rer

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Safari iOS (dispo­si­tivi mobile)

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Holder of the data processing

Name and contact details of the data controller

ICARO ECOLOGY S.p.A. in the person of the legal representative Monica Caccamo

registered office 93012 Gela (CL) – Via Gen. Cascino n. 2 – tel. e fax 0933918827

Dal momento che l’installazione di Cookie e di altri sistemi di tracciamento operata da terze parti tramite i servizi utilizzati all’interno di questo Sito Web non può essere tecnicamente controllata dal Titolare, ogni riferimento specifico a Cookie e sistemi di tracciamento installati da terze parti è da considerarsi indicativo. Per ottenere informazioni complete, l’Utente è invitato a consultare la privacy policy degli eventuali servizi terzi elencati in questo documento.