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Environmental remediation: an indispensable tool also in the prevention of hydrogeological risk.

20 Jul 2023 - Environment, Hydrogeological risk

Floods and adverse natural events remind us how essential it is to adopt preventive measures to protect our environment and the communities that inhabit it. In this context, environmental remediation plays a key role in preventing damage caused by soil exploitation and in restoring an environment that is not only healthy, but also geologically safe. The reclamations […]

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Investing in the sustainable management of natural resources: the only way to a healthy and fair future for all.

22 Apr 2023 - Environment, Earthday

Earth Day represents the perfect opportunity to reflect on the impact that human activities can have on the environment and to underline the importance of good industrial remediation practices in safeguarding our planet. Icaro Ecology, through the use of the best technologies and skills, undertakes every day to give back to nature what has been taken away from it. […]

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Safety and environment: ENI Rewind assigns two bonus points to Icaro Ecology.

17 Apr 2023 - Environment, Quenching and tempering, Eni, Business, Legality, Safety, Sustainability

Respect for the #Safety and #Environment pact for a company represents a fundamental value for proving to be competitive and #sustainable. The safety of employees and the environment represents a positive image. For this reason, compliance with the Safety and Environment pact is a crucial element. In a world increasingly attentive to the sustainability and safety of #workers, companies like ours that demonstrate […]

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