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Press review: Sicindustria Caltanissetta asks compared to Minsitro Provenzano

14 Oct 2019 - Interviews/debates

A "direct confrontation" for the economic revival of the province of Caltanissetta "which requires interventions that can no longer be postponed". The request was made by Gianfranco Caccamo, regent of Sicindustria Nissena, who sent a letter to the minister for the South, Giuseppe Provenzano. Caccamo then emphasized the profound changes taking place in the country and the need for […]

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Congratulations Gianfranco!

30 Apr 2019 - Interviews/debates

Our Business Manager Gianfranco Caccamo has been chosen to hold the position of new president of Sicindustria Caltanissetta, thus guiding entrepreneurs from all sectors that adhere to the provincial Sicindustria. I take over the reins of the association with great enthusiasm and aware of the commitment that awaits me – says the new president, adding – Today Sicindustria Caltanissetta starts again with […]

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visitors to “Opinion Leader”

15 Feb 2019 - Eni, Interviews/debates

Opinion Leader, a journalistic in-depth broadcast edited by the Chiara Gela editorial staff, deals with topics of particular importance and interest for citizens and for the city of Gela. It does this through studio debates that become real reflection points to help the city. In the episode of February 14, 2019, it was […]

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