18 Nov 2019 - Pmiday, Industry


On Friday 15 November 2019 the tenth edition of PMI DAY.

This is an initiative organized with the Confindustria Associations, designed to help spread the knowledge of the production reality of companies and their daily commitment to growth, through a moment of direct experience in the company.

The PMI DAY is the ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs to pass on to the new generations of their territory the pride and passion of doing business, the commitment and talent they share with their collaborators in the creation of products and services.

So we opened the doors of our company to a group of students taking advantage of the opportunity to tell not only the history of the company, but also the values ​​and culture that underlie the daily work of the people who are part of it.

The opening days involve hundreds of SMEs and thousands of visitors and we are delighted to have participated in this important initiative, to show those who came to visit us how our services are born and to grasp the experience of the people who help create them.

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